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Service FAQs

1. My house is vacant and I did not use any water. Why did I receive a utility bill?

If the water is on at the street, you will still receive a minimum billing each month. If the home is vacant, and the monthly usage shows 0 or 1 unit, the customer may request the refuse fee to be removed. For auditing purposes this request must be made in writing.

2. What is the “contract fee” charge that appears on my bill each month?

The contract fee is the surcharge, or difference between inside City rate and outside City rate for water. This fee varies according to the amount of water usage. For Residential customers outside the City limits, this fee is 50% of the water charge. For Commercial customers the surcharge is 100% of the water charge.

3. My water has been shut off because I was unable to pay in time. What will I have to pay to have the water turned on?

You will need to pay the balance of the account in full. If you request/need water restored the same day, a $25 High Priority Fee is required in advance. (There will be an additional Delinquent Service Fee of $20 will be added to your account.)

4. I forgot someone needed to be home when the water was turned on. They left a door hanger saying they had stopped. What will happen?

Call and they will come back out and turn it on. A $10 additional Trip Charge will be added to your account.

5. I am a renter and I pay the water bill. I need an extension to pay this month’s bill; is this possible?

You would need prior written permission from the owner or authorized agent to receive any extensions or payment agreements permitted by the Water Department.

6. I had a previous balance on this month’s bill and I see an additional $10 labeled “Penalty” on my bill. What is this for?

The $10 Penalty is charged as part of your current bill for non-payment of the prior month’s bill by the due date. The fee is calculated as $10 or 10%, whichever is greater. For example, the Penalty with a previous balance of $300 will be $30.

7. What holidays will affect my garbage/recycling pickup days?

If New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas falls on a weekday, refuse/recycle services will be pushed back one day.

8. Can the City come out and locate my water lines?

The City of Lima does not locate water lines on private property. Please call 811, the Call Before You Dig program.

9. Why are my Sewer charges higher than my water charges?

Treating wastewater is an expensive and involved process and it costs more to treat wastewater than to treat raw surface water. The revenue is used not only for treatment but also to maintain the collection system

10. My sewer is backing-up in my basement, who do I need to call?

Call Utility Field Service (419) 221-5175 during business hours or after hours and weekends call (419) 222-9761

11. Whom should I call for emergency water turn-off?

Call Utility Field Services (419) 221-5175 during, business hours or after hours and weekends call (419) 222-9761

12. What part of the water line is my responsibility to maintain?

The service line from the water main to the curb box which is usually in the tree lawn is the responsibility of the City; the customer is responsible for the water line from the curb box to inside the house.

13. What part of the sewer line am I responsible to maintain?

The customer is responsible to maintain their sewer lateral from the house to the sewer main.

14. My drains are not working properly what should I do?

In many cases the problem is in the property owners own sewer or drain line. The Utility Field Services division will check the City’s sewers at your request before you call a plumber or sewer cleaner.

15. What is the most common cause of sewer blockages?

Tree roots and cooking grease /oils are the most common causes. Cooking grease/oils should not be put down drains or the toilet; they should be disposed of in the garbage.

16. Why are there blue or green paint markings and flags in my yard?

The City of Lima is a member of the Ohio Utilities Protection service. At the request of other utilities or individuals we have received a request to mark the location of our lines. The blue lines or marks represent water lines. The green lines or marks represent sewer lines.

17. I would like to dig in my yard who do I notify?

Call Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS) at 811 or 1(800)362-2764. Please call at least 48 hours before digging to provide the location of the excavation. OUPS will notify the City to mark their lines.

18. I have a question about my water bill who do I call?

Customer Service Office (419)221-5252.